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David Lynch (director, USA)

The master of the surreal and the weird. He abandoned objective realism, made visuals and music dominant over narrative. He is more interested in iconography, style than in real characters. His talent for producing disquiet seems more subversive to many as it inches its way into the mainstream.
I like his “poseur”, charlatan manners. Although he often uses (and abuses) the same archetypes in his movies, I like their ambiance, esthetics and poetry (+ the good looking women!).

Favorite movies list

Wild at Heart (1990)
Over the top road movie, splendidly grotesque : young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Lula’s mom has hired to kill Sailor. The trashy is beautiful and the beautiful is trashy.
(I like “this snakeskin jacket symbolizes my individuality”, Mr. Reindeer and his girls, Willem Dafoe`s Bobby Peru, the “what do you faggots want?” to a local gang,
the good witch Glinda “Don't turn away from love” in the ‘perfect’ happy end, the final “Love me tender” song
Mulholland Dr. (2001)
An hollywoodian Dream noir with 2 beautiful women...
(I like Rita/Camilla and Betty!, the incompetent hit man, the overwhelmed director, the sad and dark love story)
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Eraserhead (1977)
A nightmare vision of a world of industrial decay with unique industrial and organic visuals. Caution: unbearably weird (monster baby!), dark and slow for many people!
(I like the verbose dialog!, the fast paced action!, the nice background sound!, Jack Nance’s hairdo!)
Inland Empire (2006)
(First Lynch DV movie, shot on grainy, often blown-out and distorted consumer-grade video [Sony DSR-PD150]!)
An actress gets a dream role that quickly devolves into a nightmare. Shifting identities! Hollywood a place where dreams come to die? Hallucinatory brilliance!
Caution: 3h long long experimental epic/puzzle! could be painful for some.
(I like: hookers who sing “The Loco-Motion”, Laura Dern dying between oblivious chatty homelesses, the musical happy ending)

After George Lucas saw Eraserhead (1977), he offered Lynch the chance to direct Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) but Lynch turned him down. Lynch felt the film would be more Lucas' vision than his own.

... too bad! would have been funy!

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