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Douglas Engelbart

Modern computer "father"

Graphical user interface (2-dimensional display editing), mouse, video teleconferencing, groupware, email, hypertext, document version control etc... all in the 60s!!

Engelbart’s 1968 demo flyer
Doug Engelbart’s mother of all demos video, 1968!

Mother of all demos wikipedia article

The Mouse Turns 40 video

Working Together – Douglas Engelbart & Harvey Lehtman

Engelbart timeline mural

Ted Nelson

The other “father” of the web

American sociologist, philosopher, and pioneer of information technology.

hypertext and hypermedia concept / term creator.

Started project Xanadu ... following Vannevar Bush and its theoretical machine called the memory extender ("Memex c.f. Krell computer terminal ;-) footsteps.... inspiring Tim Berners-Lee in creating the web.