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Robert Rodriguez (director, USA)

Formerly known as the king of the ultra-low budget film and the one-man film crew.
Voluptuous, fun and beautiful “low” - “mauvais genre” cinema that doesn’t take itself seriously; culturally incorrect. Adept of hard-edged stylized violence, he makes trashy crowd-pleasing independent and studio films with fairly low budgets and fast schedules by Hollywood standards, using creativity not money to solve problems.

Favorite movies list

Sin City (2005)
Co-directed with Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino (?special guest director?).

Frank Miller’s Sin City comic book brought to life and pumped with steroids.

Sin City is one of the few fully digital live action motion pictures. It was initially shot in full color, and was converted back to high-quality black and white. Colorization is used on certain subjects in a scene, such as cars, police lights, girl eyes, lips, or clothing (and the Yellow Bastard!).
To me it’s Trash/“mauvais genre”-culture poetry: sublimating violence and grotesque of comic books into pure cinematographic “pleasure” through voluptuous formal beauty. The form is so pure it becomes substance and emotion in itself.

The movie is not about narrative but about style. It internalizes the harsh world of the Frank Miller “Sin City” comic books and processes it through computer effects, grotesque makeup, lurid costumes and dialogue that chops at the language of noir. The actors are mined for the archetypes they contain and are rotated into a hyperdimension. We get not so much their presence as their essence; the movie is not about what the characters say or what they do, but about who they are in our wildest dreams.

Sin City trailer

Planet Terror (2007)

(part of ‘Grindhouse’ anthology film )

A throwback to the Grindhouse exploitative cinema (paracinema ) of the 70s; the perfection in Z movie style, with zombies and hot chicks. Grade-Z “movie language”, cheesiness and gore as poetical material; sublimating the “lowest” form of cinema into a dark and trashy fairy tale.

“Mauvais genre”: beautiful, funny and gross

Machete (2010)

Exploitation-style B-movie. Cheesiness and over-the-top violence with deadpan laughs and gratuitous nudity! Great fun (even despite the politically correct background “social commentary”)

Rodriguez has stated that he is interested in eventually adapting all of Miller’s Sin City comic books!
He also announced that he had signed on to direct a remake of Barbarella...