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Alma (Geneve, Switzerland)

Gourmet Peruvian/Latino fusion food. Trendy and modern place. Great cheviche, pulpo and deserts.
(opened July 2016)



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Ka Chon (Geneva, Switzerland)

Cool asian fusion noodle and soup bar / (small) restaurant. More refined and original than “usual” Asian restaurants in Geneva. I love their “grilled beef” (Vietnamese) noodles (with nuts and lime) and their exotic salad starters (e.g. Japanese seaweed or Fresh mango salad with grilled shrimps!)


Rue Bovy-Lysberg 1
1204 Geneve

Phone: +41 22 310 5715


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Luigia (Geneva, Switzerland)

Nice Italien food. Trendy but family (child) friendly at the same time! A unique mix. Very efficent service. No reservation! just go / wait / eat then pay (and tip) at the “counter”: Great concept.


Rue Adrien-Lachenal 24a
1207 Genève,

phone: (+)41 22 840 15 15

(also at Chemin de la Tourelle 2, 1209 Genève)

also in Nyon and Lausanne (Switzerland) and soon in Dubai!

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Cafe Zinette (Geneve, Switzerland)

Restaurant & fine grocery. Great French / European creative food (French based with a fusion twist) in a small and old (19th century “auberge des communes reeunie”) inn/cafe house. The (backside) terrace in the summer is especially nice.

Since 1999 by Matthieu Mayor & Olivier Froux
5 appetizers, 5 dishes, 5 desert (~seasonal menu): Playful (~fusion) or classical.


Route du Grand-Lancy 45,
1212 Grand-Lancy (Geneve),

phone: +41 22 743 1200

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La Huchette (Geneve, Switzerland)

Dry Aged (5 weeks) Beef (e.g. Côte de boeuf), barbecued in their chimney grill! and more (French cuisine) ... To me: best meat in Geneva (but 'haven’t tested/tasted Chez philipe nor Trilby yet).


Rue Jacques-Dalphin 35
1227 Carouge (Geneve)
phone: +41 22 342 2228

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Le Comptoir (Geneva, Switzerland)

Trendy and minimalist Asian-fusion restaurant and bar sporting cool furniture, the occasional local DJ, and great food with nice wines by the glass.

9 rue Richemont
1202 Genève,
phone: +41 22 731 32 37

Fall 2006: the same owner, opened a new cool ~sushi bar just next door:
Lola (9, rue Richemont)

2009: she took over la brasserie des halles de l’ile

Note: most other Asian restaurants (either high or low end) in Geneva are all quite bland or kitch!

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Denise's art of burger (Geneva, Switzerland)

Delicious gastronomical burgers!
Concept by Philippe Chevrier, Chef: Benjamin Garin
(Launched: Feb 27 2014)

My favorites: the classical bacon & cheese, and the Lobster roll (squid ink buns!, grilled lobster!, lime remoulade dressing, shallots, mashed avocados)

Philippe Chevrier en heraut du beau burger (Le Temps article)

Denise’s (art of) burger
(Grand Magasin Globus Food Hall, Entree Place du Molard)
Rue du Rhone, 48
1204 Geneva,

Tel +41 58 578 5247


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LaSalle (Zurich, Switzerland)

In “SchiffBau” beautiful old factory building (in Züri-West district). Modern clean space, Italian and French food in a classy ambience.

at worldsbestbars.com


Schiffbaustrasse 4,
CH-8005 Zurich,
phone: +41 44 258 7071

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Schwellenmaetteli (Bern, Switzerland)

A hip bar and Italian-inspired restaurant on a breakwater (on the Aare river) beneath Old Bern. Partly outdoor (“summer lounge”) with a nice minimalist architecture.
(also has simple “snacks”, including a tasty burger).

Dalmaziquai 11
3000 Bern 13
phone: +41 31 350 5001

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Kornhauskeller (Bern, Switzerland)

Entering the Kornhauskeller is like entering a cathedral, except that the stunning vaulted ceilings and frescoes are all underground. At various times a granary, a post office, and a beer hall, this historic building is now a classy gathering spot with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine (not that great). In the beautifull gallery overlooking the restaurant you’ll find a bar (65 varieties of whiskey), casual seating, and a humidor.
Great for rainy Sunday coffee sessions!

Kornhausplaze 18
3000 Bern,
Phone: +41 31 327 7272


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Cafee1001 (London, UK)

Cool alternative “hip” coffee shop and DJ bar off Brick Lane. They serve fresh food and drink from dawn until dusk, 7 days a week.

1 Dray walk, 91 Brick Lane,
Phone: +44 20 7247 9679

Bars I have to see in London:

Absolut IceBar London [31-33 Heddon Street, Mayfair] First permanent icebar in the UK. The walls, bar, tables, and even your own personal glass with a vodka cocktail are made out of the purest ice. Every six months the complete bar is reconstructed with a completely new design.
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Italian food in Geneva (Switzerland)


Via Roma

© viaroma-ristorante.com

Classic and excellent italian food (no giant pizza here!). Nice sober & clean space.

20 Place du Marche (Carouge)
phone: +41 22 301 94 51


Nologo restaurant

closed (now “Chez Sami”, Lebanese restaurant!)

Hip & trendy Italian restaurant in a nice industrial/sober space with an “open kitchen”. Food is quite nice (e.g. crawfish – home made pasta).


closed (now “Le Baroque”...)

Modern space, good Italian food. Divided into a courtyard (bar) and a patio (18th century!). Dishes are supposedly inspired by ancient recipes from the 15th to the 18th centuries.
Expensive and pretencious, but represents a refreshing change from the common Geneva bland Italian “pizzeria”!

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Cool bars in Carouge (Geneva, Switzerland)

"Qu’importe (le flacon, pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse)"
Wine bar & snacks/tapas

1, rue Ancienne, Carouge
+41 22 342 15 25


37-39, rue Vautier, Carouge

Btw; other nice wine bars in Geneva: Soleil Rouge, boulevard du vin, Lavinia [ex la cite des vins]

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Restaurant Parc des Bastions (Geneva, Switzerland)

In the kiosque of parc des Bastions. Romantic and magic. Great terrace in summer, great veranda in winter (now open year-round). Nice “plat du jour” at lunch. Brunch on week-ends.

1 Promenade des Bastions (Place Neuve)
1204 Gen?ve,

phone: +41 22 310 8666


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Le Socrate (Geneva, Switzerland)

Great Brasserie style restaurant (with a retro look). I love their Souris d?agneau confite – pommes puree! :)

© resto-rang.ch

Rue Micheli du Crest 6
1205 Geneva
phone: +41 22 320 1677

Les meilleures adresses du GaultMillau 2011: Gen?ve: Le bouillonnement gourmand d’une capitale - article de l’Hebdo

p.s. Other nice french food place:

Restaurant l'Odeon

produit du terroir

60bd St-Georges
1205 Geneva
phone: +41 22 328 5598

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Curiositas (Geneva, Switzerland)

Cool restaurant + Cabinet of curiosities! in an old physics instruments factory!...

CLOSED (2016)

Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 8/10 (rez SIP)
1205 Geneva,
phone: +41 22 321 30 37

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Alhambar (Geneva, Switzerland)

A swanky cocktail bar above the old Alhambra Theater. Too many people in a beautiful high ceiling room, usually with a DJ. A small tapas menu early in the evening and a nice brunch on weekends until 2pm.

rue de la Rôtisserie 10,
1204 Genève,
phone: +41 22 312 1313

Closed during Alhambra theatre/house renovation: 2012-2015, reopened Sept. 2015

(re) closed Feb. 2018!


p.s. other enjoyable bars in Geneva: le Calamar, Cirkus bar, Heaven, Ole Ole, Le Scandale + see Cool bars in Carouge note;
Nightclub: Javaclub

Cafe&IceCream: Remor (Since 1921! Good hot chocolates and home made ice creams, burgers, “kiches”. Old fashion but somehow “hip”. 3, place du Cirque)

@copy http://www.itaste.com

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Le Quai (Fribourg, Switzerland)


New Fribourg’s trendy bar/restaurant (+ occasional live music). Set in a former chocolate factory (from outside looks like an old train station!) in an old industrial “district”; Large and beautiful volume. Minimalist, elegant but warm.

le Quai

Fonderie 6
1700 Fribourg,
phone: +41 26 424 2223

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Zolo (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Good contemporary southwestern restaurant. Nice wines by the glass and 100 varieties of tequila...
To me: their crusted ahi tuna is the best tuna preparation ever! (argh I don’t see it on the menu anymore!? ... found: it has “moved” to the “brother” bigredf group restaurant Jax (fishhouse))


2525 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO
phone: +1 303 449 0444

Great Bigredf restaurants (and bars) in Boulder:

(Big Red F was created in 1994 by local Chef Dave Query)

Centro fine Mexican cuisine (@ Pearl street hotspot)

Jax fine seafood (@ Pearl street hotspot)


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Do Hwa (New York, USA)

Korean restaurant, sober and trendy space! “nouveau-Korean trend” / downtown hip (owned & designed by Jenny Kwak... with Quentin Tarantino as co-owner / investor? ;-)

via flickr © Robin Goldstein FearlessCritic

at yelp.com

Korean Food: Just Waiting to Be Discovered

55 Carmine St.,
New York, NY 10014
phone: +1 212 414-1224

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Blowfish Sushi (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Good Sushi restaurant with Japanime on the walls.
A refreshing change from the boring “usual” Japanese restaurant!

© ZagatBuzz on flickr
(I know, it’s kitsch!)


2170 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110
phone: +1 415 285 3848

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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (New York, USA)

closed June 30 2012 ... Robuchon might return to New-York ...

French (and asian) influenced cuisine with high(est) quality ingredients. Cool and elegant space, attentive service, ~excellent food (nice Sea Bass served with “the” perfect mashed potatoes in a mini-Le Creuset dish! Gasp! ;-)

ulterior epicure?s flickr photo set

review at www.nyc.com

For the new form of casual haute cuisine today means substituting woven Chilewich placemats for white tablecloths; less formality, cream, and butter; and sourcing of ever-more exotic ingredients.

(4 Seasons Hotel)
57 East 57th Street
New York NY 10022
phone: +1 212 350 6658
online reservation

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Le Calamar (Geneva, Switzerland)

Cool bar & restaurant. Semi alternative / hip style. Themed nights (DJs), nice terasse in summer (if you don’t mind breathing car exhaust!), nice burgers!


92 Carl Vogt,

phone: +41 22 321 6277

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La SIP (Geneva, Switerland)

Cool bar and dance club in a beautifull industrial building (former scientific, optical and measurement instrument factory), next to the contemporary art museum. Several floors, bars (in the dance club the “discobar”, on 1st floor: le grand bar (opens at 10pm), le petit bar, on ground floor, terasse: le barlow).



Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 8-10
1205 Geneve,

Straicase view (in the SIP building not the club) © Evdokia

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Drinks and Tapas in Barcelona (Spain)

For tourists, but fun! 3 places I used to like in Barcelona barrio Gotico & Gracia :

El Tropezon tapas bar
Carrer del Regomir 26

The place where I tasted Pulpo a la gallega for the first time.

El Aguelo tapas bar
Carrer d’Avinyo 37
Like a medieval tavern

Cafe del sol
Place del sol 16 (Gracia)

Nice and cool bar with terrace on Gracia’s Plaza del Sol.

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Swiss cliche food (in Geneva, Switzerland)

Cafe du Soleil
Best (cheese) fondue in the galaxy.

place du Petit-Saconnex 6,
1209 Geneve, Switzerland
+41 22 733 34 17

Good fondue too :
"Au vieux Carouge"
Rue Jacques-Dalphin 27, Carouge
+41 22 342 64 98

Original place for a fondue (winter only) - “on” the lake:
Buvette des Bains des Paquis

Best Roesti :
Cafe du Bourg de Four
Nice mix: Roesti with their yugoslavian meatballs.
Old Town, 13 Place du Bourg de Four
+41 22 311 90 76

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Road Runner (Geneva, Switzerland)

To me: best simple/‘classic’ burgers in the galaxy.
Good fast food. Tiny and simple “perfect” hamburgers with non sweet/sugary buns.
With your burger you can get a Californian Merlot or Cabernet by the glass...

Caution: no default dressing = not soaked in mayo and ketchup = could appear dry or bland to boorish people. “Dress it yourself” from the “stuffing bar”. Caution: tiny portions. Just simple perfect & tasty meat and bun.

p.s. no Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus burgers nor Wile (The Coyote) and Road Runner (Beep Beep) cartoon decoration/theme!

My favorite: "Texan burger" (cheese and bacon) with extra peper.


Route de Chene 63
1208 Geneve,
phone: +41 22 735 64 20

Some other good “fast” burger place:
Inglewood and very good: Denise’s (art of) burger

other decent burgers in Geneva (not fast food):
at le Calamar, Remor and Faim?

interesting local burger site (although they didn’t worship Road Runner!:
the burger blog

n.b. google: the other burger only place called “Road Runner”, is the “Arctic Road Runner” in Anchorage, Alaska! ;-) 'have to see that.

p.s. speaking of good “fast-food”: good Japanese takeaway places:

Mikado (my favorite ones are Terrassiere & Plainpalais)

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Giger [Alien] Bar (Gruyere, Switzerland)

Like a wart on the nose, in Switzerland’s most touristic village – Gruyere – next to the HR Giger (designer of the monster in the Alien movie) museum, a bar decorated the “Alien” style! Great bad taste; ‘heavy’ but fun and ~unique!

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To Test in New-York?

Thai-inspired French fusion cuisine!

Created by French (Alsatian) chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean George
ulteriorepicure review

1 Central Park W
phone: +1 212 299 3900

online reservation

Red Snapper Crusted with Nuts and Seeds
Thai Pepper Creme Caramel
Rhubarb Soup

Thai pepper creme caramel, via flickr © ulterior epicure

ulterior epicure’s flickr photo set

n.b. also by Vongerichten; ~japanese!? : Matsugen, 241 Church St.

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What Time is Dinner?

Nice article:

history-magazine link


In the 1790s the upper class was rising from bed around 10 am or noon, and then eating breakfast at an hour when their grandparents had eaten dinner.
They then went for “morning walks” in the afternoon and greeted each other with “Good morning” until they ate their dinner at perhaps 5 or 6 pm. Then it was “afternoon” until evening came with supper, sometime between 9 pm and 2 am! The rich, famous and fashionable did not go to bed until dawn.

In fact it was just ‘snobism’ for the rich to distinguish them from the poor and the peasant that were bound to follow sun natural light cycles...

Anyway I think it’s a fun/nice ‘tradition’ that should still be followed!

At first, only those able to afford candles could indulge in late final meals. The poorer classes ate while there was still daylight, and went to bed not long after dusk.

Now that we all have artificial lights, why go to bed early? ...

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Le The (Geneva, Switzerland)

Cutest, coziest, tiniest chinese tearoom / ~restaurant (Dim Sum and steamed bread) in Geneva. Nice place for a date (definitely need to reserve in advance + note: from the outside this place has no sign/name!).

65 rue des Bains,
1205 Genève,
phone: +41 79 436 7718

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To taste ? : Molecular gastronomy

The mad scientist cuisine that’s taking the epicurean world by storm; ‘Contemporary’ ‘abstract’ cuisine.
A handful of kitchen counterculture chefs are playing with food in ways that probably make their mamas queasy.


Most famous “molecular chef”: Ferran Adrià with his El Bulli restaurant in Spain.

Has been voted world’s best restaurant! (by Restaurant magazine, 2006)
Closed in 2011

El Bulli @ wikipedia
12 iconic El Bulli dishes
Ferran Adrià Feeds the Hungry Mind

In Switzerland: Denis Martin (18/20 Gault & Millau 2007)
... December 2006: tasted: great fun!

La gastronomie a Vevey
rue du Château 2, Vevey, Switzerland
phone: +41 21 921 1210

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To Test ?

Vertigo (Zurich, Switzerland)

Dinner in bed!: Vertigo “extended dinning”. Like being in 2001: A Space Odyssey movie!
Chef: Daniel Fischer

(1.2011: website down!?)

NiederdorfStrasse 10,
8001 Zurich,

email: dinner@vertigozurich.com
phone: +41 43 888 44 88

Le Lexique (Geneve, Switzerland)

Filet de Cabillaud en croustade d?agrumes, sauce Sangria blanco !!...
Rue de la Faucille 14
1201 Gen?ve
phone: +41 22 733 31 31

Au Lavandou (Geneve, Switzerland)

french south cuisine
rue Jacques-Dalphin 54, 1227 Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland
phone: +41 22 343 68 22

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